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Israeli-Palestine Conflict

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Israeli-Palestine Conflict Explained provides a comprehensive overview of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, starting from the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 to the present day. It covers the historical background, the wars and conflicts between Israel and Palestine, the internal political dynamics within Palestine, the role of tunnels, the rise of Benjamin Netanyahu, the collapse of peace talks, the impact of US-Israel relations under the Trump administration, and the challenges surrounding the two-state solution. The video concludes that the conflict shows no signs of resolution, as compromise is unpopular and militarization continues to prevail.

 Dr. Benny Morris discusses various aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He explains the motivations behind Israeli settlements in the West Bank, highlighting the religious significance and strategic considerations. While acknowledging difficulties faced by Palestinians, he argues against labeling Israel as an apartheid state. Dr. Morris reflects on the growing unlikelihood of a two-state solution due to political shifts and settlement growth. He also discusses the nature of Hamas as a fundamentalist terrorist organization and discusses the policy of Aliyah and overcrowding in Israel. Dr. Morris expresses concern about the actions of right-wing settlers and the lack of potential for peace in the future.

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Greg P
Greg P